Photo by Kelsey Chance

Our People

What sets our church a part is not our facilities, our programs or even our gatherings. We take great joy in being a church full of people that God is transforming through the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Our prayer is that from the moment you enter our doors, you will find the warmth of a family centered around our Redeemer. Among us, you’ll find individuals from all walks of life, united by their shared love for God and seen in their love for each other. From the seasoned saints whose wisdom spans generations to the eager young souls growing in living for the glory of God, our congregation is a people built by the grace and power of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Because of our emphasis on family, personal discipleship and spiritual maturity, our membership extends far beyond the walls of our Main Hall. Throughout the week, our church is full of activity as members meet together for prayer meetings, Bible studies, and community outreach initiatives. Whether we’re hosting an ESL class, studying God’s word together, or simply sharing a meal in our homes, we’re united in our mission to see and know Christ in all of life.

Our prayer at Waverly Place could be summed up by the phrase “Christ over chaos.” Under the grace of God, this means that our desire is to see our neighborhoods, our city and the world transformed by Jesus through faithful and robust covenant renewal worship on His Day, through the proclamation of His gospel to unbelievers, through teaching men and women how to live together in harmonious Christian marriage, through establishing a family-focused culture of Christian education in which well-loved and well-disciplined children will learn to stay the course, through going into our world in a way that brings people to into relationship with Jesus and His people, through genuine cultural engagement that provides Christian leadership in the arts, in business, in education, in politics, and in literature, and through church plants near and far as we have gifted, trained and commissioned men, willing congregants, adequate resources, and available facilities. And we seek to do all of this in gladness and gravity of heart, as we pursue love for God and love for our neighbor.