Alive in Christ: Studies in Romans 6

So often Christians talk about how Jesus’ life and death, when trusted and believed, makes us right with God. But what about the Christian life here and now? If we have been saved by grace, how are we now to live? And what role does the grace of Jesus play in all of it?

In this sermon series we wrestle with Romans 6:1-14, as we try to understand what it means to be “alive in Christ” today.

We’ll look at how grace causes us to grow in holiness, how baptism pictures our new life, what hope Jesus’ resurrection means for us, and much more.

Ultimately, we see that the power of sin has been broken in those who believe, for their old self was crucified and put to death with Christ and the power of grace is what helps us triumph over sin and that because of Christ great work in his death and resurrection, we too can walk in the new life — a life under grace, freed from the bondage of sin.