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Can We Trust The Bible?

In the Season 1 Finale of P&P our pastors take on the hard question of, Can we trust the Bible? By exploring the ins and outs of God’s Word, they drill down on the big issues and explore how not only can we trust our Bibles, but that it is sufficient for everything we need […]


This week on P&P our pastors look at prayer. Many of us would agree prayer is important. But why? In this episode we explore some of the hard questions about prayer as well as consider what shape both our individual and our corporate should take. Resources mentioned in this episode include: Prayer by Tim KellerPrayer […]

Marriage, Part 2

In this second part of P&P on Marriage we pack it full! This extended episode takes time to explore a variety of topics that married couples deal with everyday, including communication, conflict, finances, intimacy and enjoying life together. Listen in as our pastors and their wives take time to pull back the curtain on their […]

Marriage, Part 1

In this episode our pastors sit down with their wives and discuss what marriage is all about. Taking time to look at the Bible’s call to husbands and wives, the couples explore the basics of marriage, its goals and how the gospel shapes and transforms the relationship. Resources: Book – This Momentary Marriage by John […]

Dying & Death

In this episode of Plowing & Planting our pastors sit down to discuss the reality of dying and how death doesn’t have to be something the believer fears. Take time to listen and gain insight into what Scripture teaches us about dying, death and what is held for us on the other side! Resources mentioned […]

Fear of Man

In this week’s episode, our pastors sit down to discuss how a ‘fear of man’ is one of the biggest struggles of our hearts today. They take time to explain what the fear of man is, what the underlying issue is, how it shows itself and how we find the cure in the love of […]

Ethnicity & Missions, Part 2

In this second part of our discussion on ethnicity and missions, the WPBC pastors discuss the privilege and responsibility of Christians to take hold of the call to make disciples of all nations. They look at what the Bible says about missions, what the current state of world missions is, and how we, as a […]

Ethnicity & Missions, Part 1

In part 1 of this two-part episode the WPBC pastors discuss the difference between race and ethnicity, exploring the Bible’s definition of those terms and how it affects our understanding of one another, of sharing the gospel and of the Lord himself. Resources for this episode include: Sermons on Race & Ethnicity from Dr. Voddie […]


On this episode, the pastors jump into the deep end talking about Baptism. As the first ordinance and sign of entrance into the community of the local church, baptism is a really big deal. Yet, for many of us, we have not given much thought to when, where and how we were or should be […]

Does God Care How We Worship?

Does God care how we worship? For thousands of years believers have answered with a resounding yes! Ever since the days of Cain and Abel, God has emphasized right worship, and it’s clear that careless worship can have serious consequences. Worship consciously regulated by God’s Word should be a distinct characteristic of Christian churches today, […]

Engaging Our Culture, Part 2

In this episode, our pastors discuss practical ways Christians canengage the world around them. Along the way we touch on the preeminence of the gospel, Christian empathy and holding a biblical worldview up to things such as gender, ethnicity & politics. Throughout the episode we reference several helpful resources. You can find those and more […]

Engaging Our Culture, Part 1

In this episode, our pastors discuss why Christians are called to engage the world around them. We also try to wade through some of the things we are seeing in this cultural moment. Along the way we touch on the preeminence of the gospel, Christian empathy and holding a biblical worldview up to things such […]

Anger: Personal Rage & Cultural Outrage

In this episode our pastors tackle the ever-present problem of anger, both personally and within our society. During these days when many are angry, frustrated and full of rage, how can we find peace, patience and self-control? Where do we turn if we find ourselves filled with anger? And how do we help those around […]

The Heart of Christ

In this episode our pastors walk through Gentle & Lowly by Dane Ortlund, as they explore the truth and importance of understanding the heart of Christ for sinners and sufferers. Click here to purchase a copy of Gentle & Lowly by Dane Ortlund Other books referred to in the podcast: The Heart of Christ by […]

What does a church do?

On the last episode we discussed what a church is — but what exactly does a church do? In this episode, our pastors take time to walk through the importance of the “one another” commands of the New Testament, emphasizing their importance within the church. Below you can find some links to resources and articles […]

What Is A Church?

This is the first in a two-part episode on the nature of the church. In part 1 we take time to think about what a church is, what makes a church a church, and how is it different than anything else in the world. The pastors go back and forth on how Jesus creates the […]

The Conscience, Part 2

In this episode of Plowing & Planting we dive back into the Christian conscience, but this time consider the conscience in community. What does it look like to live as a church full of people with different consciences? What are the kinds of cleansed consciences that we can have? What is a weak conscience and […]

The Conscience, Part 1

In this episode we have our first conversation on the Christian conscience. We go to the Bible to see what the conscience is, how it works and how we should handle it as individuals. We also discuss the types of conscience we can have and how we should respond when we go against our conscience. […]

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