As a church, we are committed to the gospel of Jesus Christ!


We live in a world that is constantly searching for answers to why things feel broken and why so many of us feel broken too.

That’s what the gospel or good news of Jesus is all about. The gospel is the story of God’s grace coming into the darkness of this world and how Jesus changes everything!


That’s a question many of us role around in our heads. Some people think God is just a happy grandpa in the sky, some people see Him as an angry father, and some  people think He isn’t there at all. What about you?

According to the Bible, God is none of these things. Instead, we are told that He is Creator of everyone and everything. He is the source of all that exists. He created the universe, and He created it good. That’s why we all  know the beauty and goodness of sunsets, mountains, oceans, shooting stars and flowers. God created the world beautiful and good. He created life to flourish under His loving rule.

He ultimately created everything, including us, to glorify Him!


There’s only one problem…we don’t.

We read in the Bible that since the first humans, Adam and Eve turned from God, the world has been broken.

Each of us know this in our hearts — that we are rebels from God. Instead of following God, we follow our own desires. The Bible calls this rebellion from God sin. And sin doesn’t just go against God. We also sin against others in anger, bitterness, gossip, and much more. It goes all the way to our hearts and the end result of sin is always death.

Sadly, we are totally unable to remove this stain of sin from our lives and from this world. This is not good news.


This is the really good part of the news, the story doesn’t end with our sin!

God the Father sent God the Son to become fully man. His name is Jesus. Jesus lived in this world of sin, yet walked in perfect obedience to His Father. Yet, the world did not receive Jesus. Jesus was different than the sin-corrupted world around him, so the world rejected him. Jesus was put to a torturous death, being brutally beaten and nailed to a wooden cross. But Jesus’ death did not ruin God’s plan. In fact, the reason Jesus came to earth was not only to live a perfect life, but also to die, suffering the penalty for sin in the place of sinners. On the cross Jesus absorbed the righteous punishment of God in the place of sinners like you and me. He did this to conquer sin and its consequences, securing ultimate victory over every evil.

And He didn’t stay dead! Jesus proved that he conquered sin and death for sinners by actually rising from the dead. The story of God’s rescue is a story of life.


News like this isn’t something you just scroll through on your Facebook News Feed. It isn’t something stuck on the last page of the newspaper. This is front page, life changing news. News like this calls for us to do something!

What does Jesus tell us to do? Jesus said, “Repent and believe in this new!” (Mark 1:15). When we respond to the gospel by repenting or turning from sin and trusting in Jesus, it shows that we have been given a new heart and that the stain of sin has been removed from us. This shows that the good news of Jesus has changed us. So the question you must answer is: How will you respond?

We would love to talk with you more about what it means to follow Jesus. Please let us know what questions you have!