For 90 years Waverly Place Baptist Church has stood as a pillar of strength in the community. We are deeply grateful to God for His wonderful guidance in directing dedicated members who have served so faithfully.

Waverly Place Baptist Church was first organized on April 25, 1926 with 129 charter members. The history of the church is one of labor and love.

During the fall of 1925, the Roanoke Baptist Missionary & Social Union requested that Belmont Baptist Church appoint a committee to survey the surrounding neighborhood and make a recommendation for planting a church in Waverly Place. After a canvas of the community, the committee found the need was great in the community. Feeling God’s guidance in this opportunity, the committee moved forward in securing a place for the church to meet.

Following this, two open-air services were conducted on the corner where the church now
stands. With a warm reception, the leaders realized the immediate need for a building. From this point Mr. W.B. Steele, Mr. J.L. Brooks and Mr. E.P. Newcomb¬†called on the Roanoke Baptist Missionary & Social Union for support in beginning to build a meeting house. Upon questioning of when the building project would start, Mr. Steele responded without hesitancy, “If we have your permission, Mr. Joel Harris and his team, along with some of us men will begin work tomorrow morning at 6:00AM!” Without further discussion, the go-ahead was given, and a week later the temporary meeting house, known as “The Sanctuary” was open for church services.

More history coming soon.