Pastor’s Welcome

Welcome to the website of Waverly Place Baptist Church! On behalf of the congregation, thank you for visiting. We hope that what you find here helps you know who we are and what we’re about, but most importantly, helps you know who Jesus is and what he is all about!

Often times people wonder how they can find out what a church is all about, but perhaps a better question would be – who is a church? This website hopes to serve that purpose, but of course the best way to really find out about us is by joining us at one of our Sunday gatherings.

We aren’t defined by our politics, our ethnicity, our music preferences or our demographics. You will find all sorts of people at Waverly Place! Instead, we are unified by our common belief that Jesus of Nazareth is both our Lord and our Savior. Though diverse, it is in Him alone that we find all the unity we need to serve together, love one another, and love our neighborhood.

Our purpose as a church is to bring God glory. We do this by singing and praying together, serving and loving one another, and hearing and applying God’s Word to our lives. As we live out these realities together, we are sent out to our neighborhoods, our city, and the whole world to declare the excellent news of what Jesus has accomplished for sinners like us! It’s in newness of life, not tradition or religious duty, that we obey God’s commission for the church.

As a community of baptized believers, it is our hope to display to the watching world the beauty and glory of God found in the message of Jesus Christ through the local church. We believe the local church is the best place for followers of Jesus to live out the life that God has called them to. So we seek to spur one another long through congregational worship, Sunday school classes, Sunday evening seminars, prayer gatherings and throughout the week in the daily lives of one another.

We would love for you to join us in this incredible privilege of making the beauty and glory of God visible in Roanoke, Virginia and to the world. But in the end, whether it’s here or another local church, our prayer is that you would do life togethers with other followers of God to see His renown spread throughout the world!

For His Kingdom,
Pastor Adam Triplett

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