The Gospel According to Genesis

Beginnings are important. Especially when it comes to the story of God, of us, and of our redemption.

The foundation stories of Genesis set the stage of the drama of Scripture in many ways. First, we are introduced to our Creator and King. Second, we are introduced to the problem that fractured the relationship Рour sin.Third, in contrast to the continual disobedience of humanity, God reveals the depth of his grace and love. Though all human beings bear the scars of the sin of Adam and Eve, the Lord continues in his everlasting grace to work out his purposes.

Next,  God called frail humans to represent him: Noah, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and Joseph. Each of these men was profoundly flawed, a point to which the Bible gives ample testimony. Yet God gave them grace upon grace, keeping his promise, at whatever cost, to bless them and through them to bless all humanity.

And through it all runs the repeating theme of One who will come, the serpent-crushing Seed of Adam, the covenant-keeping Offspring of Abraham, the True Older Brother of Jacob, and the Lion of Judah. The echoes of a Redeemer sound throughout the story of Genesis and it is in Jesus Christ that all the promises find their “Yes!”

Join us, as we explore this book of beautiful beginnings, with our eyes cast towards the glorious end!